Martial Eagle – People’s Choice Winner!

I’ve been working larger on the last couple of paintings. Having seen my sunflowers up on the wall at Post Road Art and visiting the North East Watercolor Exhibition I can certainly afford some more paper real estate.

Going large has it’s own problems. Getting too tight and detailed is one. Not using a big enough brush and ending up with lots of little dabby strokes is another. Also the larger space allows you to put in much stronger color. In fact it needs it otherwise things look very washed out.

So this eagle looks pretty good to me. I may revisit and soften up some edges but it’ll depend what it looks like in the morning.

Edit: Great news! This won the People’s Choice award at
Marlborough’s Post Road Art Center Open Exhibit

. A nice Christimas present for me and I’m sure I’ll be stocking up on supplies from them with the prize money. Many thanks to all who voted and Randi et al at the Center.

Martial Eagle


19”x13”/24”x18” matted.

Many thanks to all who voted for this at the Post Road Art Center. He won the People’s Choice award!

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More Storks

Thought I’d have another bash at storks as I didn’t get quite where I wanted to with the last try. Better but there is still something eluding me.

Edit: No. This chap is good. Took a couple of days to get under the skin.