Vermont Barn near Monkton

Vermont Barn, near Monkton.   Watercolor by Michele Clamp.  11″x14″.

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We recently spent a week in Vermont and so much of the landscape is paintable.   This was one of my favorite scenes which was very near where we were staying.   I especially liked the harsh light on the roofs which made them seem white in comparison to everything else.

I’m tempted to have another go at this.  This has something of the light I wanted but could maybe be pushed even further.

A quick value sketch before I started.   These are definitely getting easier to do (or maybe I’m getting better at picking good scenes).

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    1. They’re cute aren’t they? I think I’m going to revisit this as I didn’t quite catch the quality of the sun on the feathers how I wanted to. Maybe more of a snowy scene next time.

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