Owl Finished

At least I think this is finished.   As usual I’ll keep him on the easel for a couple of days until I’m happy that no touchups are needed.    Due to travelling and other happenings t’s been a couple of weeks since I painted and it took me a little while to get back in the groove.   I like the end result though – not too cute but with a certain perkiness.    He’s up for sale in the usual place.

A few intermediates.   Unusually this one was done over two days.  Not sure if that helps.

This was the status at the end of yesterday.    I usually don’t put in the eyes so early on birds but I was having a little trouble with values so put them in so I could judge the rest of the plumage.   Happy so far.

Quite a bit further on here.   The feet have gone in – always a bit tense here but they turned out fine.   The branch is in and I tightened up the feathers around the face.

The final thing.   I beefed up the wing feathers to give him a little more zing and added a little interest into the background.   Job done.