French Villages – Day 7

When I plucked out the photo for today I wasn’t best pleased and I wondered why on earth I’d picked it in the first place.  Here it is :

4_bonnieux-1521843_1920 (1).jpg

I remembered yesterday and how I should have concentrated on the bits that interested me so I cropped down to the buildings on the right hand side :


I ditched the value study here.   They’re making me lose enthusiasm so I skipped this part just for today.     I’d decided to keep the colors more muted (no jelly beans) and had been practicing some greys and greens that weren’t too in your face.   Starting with the sky I moved to a grey wash at the top that warmed up towards the horizon with some cadmium orange.   It looked pretty good and I changed my original plan for the buildings.    In the photo they’re light and a warm pinky yellow.   I went for a much greyer look and darker than the sky.   Who knows what would happen?

The grey went in well.   I kept some interest in the washes by adding in water and kept some white paper here and there.   The trees were again kept to a muted color (Indigo and burnt sienna mostly) and I faded the color out towards the bottom of the paper.   

I’m pretty happy so far (currently waiting for it to dry).   I need to go back in and pump up some of the darks.    I need to be careful not to make them too dark – fingers crossed.

The final thing.    Just a few touch ups on the darks to define the windows and the roofs.   



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