French Villages – Day 4

Sometimes I feel like I’m painting blindfolded.    This one was always going to be a challenge as there’s a lot going on.  It needed a confident bold approach but with enough precision to define the buildings without going into too much detail.

On the whole it could have been a lot worse.    This was one of those paintings that I got half way through and almost gave up on.    As I thought it was ruined I gave it one last shot and threw some paint about and improved it no end.  

It’s tricky with paintings like these that are basically experiments to assess them when they’re fresh.     Sometimes I try something new and if I get even a small success I’m extremely happy.   I then come back a couple of days later with fresh eyes and think ‘Oh my God!  That’s terrible’.   

However I think here’s a lot of good here.   The values – especially the mid values – are good.    Not too dark and nice variation in color in the shadows.

Definitely a bit ambitious though.


So some intermediates.  First the value sketch.    Well I did one but it’s not great.

Now the drawing on the paper.   I made up a lot of the buildings and you can see they morphed quite a lot in the finished painting.   Still happy at this point though.

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