Orrery and The Dangers of Overconfidence


I went into this one somewhat overconfident.   I’ve been looking forward to this and as the microscope and callipers turned out so well this was going to be a bit of a treat.    The drawing came out well – took extra care over the ellipses and jumped in.

After a reasonable start everything began to go wrong.   I messed up my nice ellipses and things were getting muddy and indistinct.   After an hour or so I was ready to throw in the towel but after a bit of lifting off of some of the areas it was a case of throwing caution to the wind and ‘I can’t make it any worse so let’s just go for it’.

And in the end I’m actually quite pleased.  The shapes are good and there’s a lot of interest in the paint so sometimes it’s worth it to persevere.



11″x14″/16″x20″ matted

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