Lake Garda Boats

Lake Garda Boats

A marathon session today.    This is the April challenge from

 and they’re always, well, challenging.    See
this one

from February which took me 3 goes before I got something non embarrassing.   Now this isn’t perfect and it is also at a much bigger size than I usually do (16×22 – might not sound much bigger but it really makes a difference) but considering my past form on these things I’m not too unhappy.

Part way through.   Initial washes are on and boats blocked in.  The drawing is pretty on the mark which always helps enormously.

The original photo.   Look at all those boats!!!  My colors are rather drab in comparison but not too bad for a first go.

Edit:  This has *really* grown on me over the last two weeks it’s been up in my studio.   Always the sign of a good painting.      I think he deserves promotion to the inventory pages.


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