Autopsy of a Painting 3 – Day 22 of 30 in 30

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Oh yes now this is more like it.     I took on board the lessons of joining regions together,  keeping visual interest with subtle changes of tone and concentrating darks in the center of interest.   Definitely paid off.

This was it part way through.  In some ways I prefer this.  Especially the way the strong values go from bottom left to top right.  

You can see a lot of Charles Reid influence and also John Lovett.   Neither were particularly conscious decisions.   My main thoughts on the way through were to push color across edges as much as I dared.   To the point where it really felt uncomfortable.   If you look at the top of the van the red is bleeding out but not so much that it destroys the van (or indeed the building behind).   This felt like a bit of a disaster at the time but I let it go.   And it turned out fine!  More than fine – I’m very pleased.  I’m calling this one a success.


Here’s the progression.    I’ve often found that I have to go backwards before I go forwards when I push myself in a different direction.   The second painting almost always comes out worse than the first.   

Edit:  Someone posted that they preferred the first one.  Really?  I mean really?