Leslie Saeta’s February 30 in 30 – Midpoint

I’ve been participating in
Leslie Saeta’s 30 in 30 challenge

for a few years now.   Some years I’ve been more diligent than others but it’s always been worthwhile.    Even with my new carefree lifestyle producing a painting a day is still pretty time consuming but I’m keeping up pretty much.

Anyway –  so it’s over the midpoint but time to take some stock I think.    Frankly I’m tired.   What with completing the paintings for the Maine Audubon exhibition and then going straight into this I’m a little frazzled.   Maybe it’s just mid point blues.

But what about the paintings this time?   There are some high points and lower points but on the whole things are going pretty well.  There’s definitely a shift in style going on with more use of darks and more subtle color.   Which is a good thing.    Subject matter on the other hand hasn’t turned out to plan.   It was going to be a lot of landscapes and cityscapes but, as you can see, that hasn’t happened yet at all.   I’ll need to change that in the last 12 days.

My memories of previous years 30 in 30s was that I didn’t really reap the benefits until after I’d finished,  taken stock, and applied what I’d learned in a more leisurely manner.   I hope that’ll be the case this time.

I am tired though.

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