Lost Sheep – Day 14 of 30 in 30


Do a sheep James said.   It can go with the pig and the cow and make a set he said.   I thought – how hard can sheep be?   Turns out *fiendishly* difficult.    The shape of the head and the proportions are so subtle that if they’re slightly off you’re dealing with a whole different animal.  The sketches turned up dogs,  wolves,  horses,  anything but sheep.

But after a few false starts I latched onto what I should look out for.   The head is smaller than you think at first glance.   It also has an elongated but rounded shape and is narrower than the pencil wants to make it.   She turned out fine in the end but boy!  If you want to test your drawing skills – try sheep.

Farm Animals – Set of 3


A set of 3 farm animal paintings which look fabulous displayed together.   Ideal for a spare kitchen wall or dining area.   A great deal for all 3!

These paintings come ready matted and will fit in a standard 16″x20″ frame.   We don’t ship framed paintings at the moment as it pushes up the shipping cost and frame choice is very personal.    Personally I like a plain dark wood frame which sets off the white mat and the painting very well.

These paintings will be backed by 3/16″ foam core board and contained in an acetate sleeve.  They are then shipped flat by Fedex in double thickness corrugated cardboard packaging.    We’ve never had a problem with damage even shipping internationally.

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