Flowers and Flowers – Day 1 of 30 of 30

Daisies in Vase

Daisies in Vase

After being released temporarily from birds I thought I’d tackle flowers for a bit.   The Post Road Art submission of roses and lilies went ok but there was definitely room for loosening up a bit and not being so literal.      The daisies above came out pretty well.   It’s tricky painting white flowers against a white background – you have to define the petals with very subtle shades of grey.   The dark foliage is almost as important and the dark spots in between the flowers make the flowers appear almost by magic.   Not perfect but pretty happy with this. 

Edit:  This is my first submission to
Leslie Saeta’s 30 paintings in 30 days challenge

.  Always great fun this and. as well as sharpening up the painting skills,  I get to see old and new friends’ work.


This one was finished yesterday.   The composition is stronger but the execution lacks finesse.   This is trial and error time so nothing to be ashamed of. 

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