Saw-Whet Owl – Take 3 and Day 27 of 30 in 30

Saw-Whet Owl on Rock

So the main problem with the last saw-whet owl was it was too cartoonish.   This boiled down to the eyes being too big and the more I looked at it the more jarring it was.   So I took a little more care with the proportions and lost the terrible foliage and things came out much better.   Pretty happy.

Saw-Whet Owl on Rock

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4 thoughts on “Saw-Whet Owl – Take 3 and Day 27 of 30 in 30

    1. Hi Claudia, Good to hear from you!

      Hope your 30 in 30 is going well. Have you updated your website? It’s looking very sleek and professional.

    1. Thanks Laurelle. Although the outcome of last night’s game has made my husband less than happy. Not a good luck owl.

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