Collage from the 30 in 30

Well we actually have 12 in 30 as I faded badly in the last two weeks.    However I’d like to thank Leslie Saeta for running this challenge – I always look forward to it even if I don’t deliver.  Also many thanks for people who’ve visited and commented.  It means a lot to have contact with others going along the same path.

Now the challenge is officially over I thought I’d compare to previous efforts to see how things are changing.

This is last years collection.   Frankly not as impressive at the 2015 lot although I still like one of the Venice ones (2nd row, 3rd from left) and the plane and bus ones.

So sadly I think I have to say I’m not really getting any better.   The first time I did this challenge in 2015 I came on by leaps and bounds.   Looking at the first and last from that month (the first two tiger pictures) there is a big change in execution and composition.  I also made strides with the city pictures.    

But then I really knuckled down to it in 2015.  Up at 6am painting before work and making sure I had the time to get a painting done every day.     This isn’t rocket science.