Day 19 – Old Fire Truck

Old fire truck.jpg

Something a little different today from a suggestion by James.   No initial washes and not a lot of lost edges.  Lots of thick paint in cadmium red, cadmium orange, yellow ochre, and burnt sienna.   Darks are mostly ultra and burnt sienna with the odd splash of cerulean blue for interest.

No initial measuring done for the drawing.  Just straight in – start one side and continue with angles, inner shapes and cross referencing up and along the drawing to make sure everything’s lining up well.  Concentrating on the negative shapes helps to get things fitting together.

Painting progressed pretty much the same way.  No initial washes this time as I wanted to keep the reds bright and to emphasize them using flecks of exposed white paper.    

Here he is done.  I love painting red things.

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