Stockbridge Fire Station take 2 – Day 17

I was a little dissatisfied this morning after reviewing yesterday’s post so decided to have another go with a slightly different view.   A definite improvement and there are many things I like about this.  Not perfect but then what is?

First I went over most of the paper with light diffuse washes.  This gives a hint of color but is mostly a kind of walkthrough to rehearse where the darks will go.   I started the final coat with the tower keeping some variation in color in the darks and letting some edges bleed so things didn’t get too rigid.  In particular I painted the spindles and then washed over them with a clean damp brush so they are more diffuse and don’t leap out at you. 

The final thing.   The red garage door had a lot of wash through it which I decided against tidying up.  I like the visual disconnect you get between something looking like an object and the wateriness of the medium.    Pretty happy with this but often tomorrow morning I have different opinions.

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