Sheep and Collie – Day 14 of 30 in 30

Something a little different today.  I wanted to do another dog to increase my chops and James suggested a collie with some sheep.  Pretty happy with this one.  The background is a little scrappy but has a certain charm.

I started off with a couple of thumbnail sketches. I still quite like the first one as it fills the paper a little better but in the end I went for something like the second one.   I liked the pose of the dog and the way the sheep were all bunched together into one big shape.

I started with the dog to get some darks in .   He’s rather fine I think.  I left the whites completely white at this point intending to go back at the end to put in some very subtle shading.   The dark parts of the coat came out well. Just a little variation in the value and added in some color to liven things up.

Now onto the sheep.  A lot of yellow ochre and again leaving the whites completely white until the end to put in some shadow.

6 thoughts on “Sheep and Collie – Day 14 of 30 in 30

  1. This is such a great picture. And that scrappy background doesn't take away from the overall image. I can feel the tension between the collie and the sheep. Thanks for showing your sketches and images of the painting as you were working.

  2. Thanks all. This one was great fun to do. I always find that Laurie's painting months spur me on to do things I wouldn't usually do and it's always interesting.

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