Day 7 – Irish Castle

Something a little different today.    Enjoyed this one very much.  Tried to keep things simple, loose and colorful.   Nothing overworked and very little detail.

In other news the new painting room is now fully equipped.  I have my new painting cart and leaning desk and we found a light in the basement that works really well for direct lighting.   I even have a mat to catch paint splatters to keep them off the carpet.  Much easier than balancing everything on my knees.  At some point I’ll have to change the wall color but for now there’s no excuse for paintings not to come out thick and fast.

9 thoughts on “Day 7 – Irish Castle

  1. Congrats on your new space. 🙂 I love this painting. Your are right, perfectly simple. Lovely in every last stroke! Love the light, and the reflections, and the palette is wonderful 🙂

  2. This is such a great picture. And that scrappy background doesn't take away from the overall image. I can feel the tension between the collie and the sheep. Thanks for showing your sketches and images of the painting as you were working.

  3. Thanks all. This one was great fun to do. I always find that Laurie's painting months spur me on to do things I wouldn't usually do and it's always interesting.

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