Day 4 Boat – The Bad and the Ugly


Well it had to happen sometime but not usually this early in the month.   Nothing went right and everything was a struggle.   The drawing is askew, the washes are muddy and the reflections just wouldn’t behave.  I couldn’t rescue it even throwing caution to the wind and slapping some broad color washes on at the end.   I’m definitely out of practice – too many birds.

Does a cropped version help?   No, not really.

Postscript:   I came back into the room after washing my pots out and found the poor thing felt so bad it had thrown itself off the easel onto the floor.  

9 thoughts on “Day 4 Boat – The Bad and the Ugly

  1. oh I had to laugh at the image of the picture throwing itself onto the floor! it has quirks but still has great parts. love the reds on the boat in particular, and yes, I like the cropped view better.

  2. I enjoyed reading this post. However I must say I am attracted by the beautiful red and even after reading your adventures I still love this watercolor! The full version..
    Happy and creative New Year, Michele !

  3. Thanks Rachel. It was the red that attracted me – I love using lots of red. It's actually growing on me and I think I'll give it or something similar another go. I always like these month challenges to try things I wouldn't usually do and 30 paintings is easily enough to try a few different approaches.

    I see you're having a show *and* doing the challenge. That's ambitious – I hope both go well for you.

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