5 thoughts on “Day 2 of 30 in 30. Barnstable church tower

  1. Oh, don't be too tough on this painting! I feel like it is such a delightful 'sketch' and it makes me want to see this place, and more of your paintings. đŸ™‚ I love the contrast of the loose paint and the tighter drawing, the fine lines and splashy foreground, and the cool openings in the tower.

  2. Many thanks Brenda. You know how it is – sometimes things just don't come together and every stroke is an effort. I'm actually pretty pleased with it and the first few of the 30 in 30 always feel a little awkward.

  3. This is lovely! just a bit of creative cropping to get it out of the center. I find myself doing that often…grr…

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