Life class poses

It’s been a while and work things have pushed the painting to the background.    Managed an hour and a half of life class today which I was glad of to keep my hand in.    I’ve been taking the cheap paper as we tend to do a lot of sketches/gesture type exercises.  I don’t really like it so I broke out the Arches sketch pad for a bit of a luxury.    
Tried to keep the shadows a hot red – I always like this for skin.
An unexpectedly good pose.   I thought it was going to be too symmetrical but the triangular nature came out well.   Didn’t have time for the face – I’d forgotten that Arches takes forever to dry and we only had 20 minutes for the whole thing.
A couple of exercises with wax and color.   Enjoyed these and intended to incorporate the wax into the longer poses but it didn’t happen.
Warm up gesture pose.   Always takes a while to get the brushes flowing nicely.