St Remigius, Hethersett

(Edit Jan 11th – Slipping this one in for the 30 in 30 as I’m getting behind)

We’re in Norfolk in the UK and just down the street from the hotel is this church – St Remigius.  It dates from the 14th century with updates and repairs in the centuries following.    This is a pretty conventional view which was mostly due to there being a bench to sit on.     Suffering for my art was limited to wet feet and general Norfolk dampness.

After doing a quick sketch of just the church and the trees I realized that I was mostly interested in the pattern of gravestones in the foreground.  I expanded the view but with some reservations of making the whole scene too complicated.

Anyway – on with the task.

The first wash.  Not really necessary and it’s so light not much will be visible in the final thing but, as with the drawing, it’s useful to get to know the subject and any troublesome spots.   The gravestones were worrying me at this point but there’s no going back now.

The final thing.   The light touch with the gravestones worked out and just a little color for the flowers.   A final softening of the right tree trunk and a little more sky and I was done.

Pretty happy.