Lobster Watercolor – Moleskine Version

I’ve been wanting to do a lobster for a while and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.    We don’t often get the chance to use a lot of red so I made the most of this one.

This was an absolute joy to paint.   All Moleskine lessons learned were applied.   Plenty of water and plenty of paint.  Let the stuff puddle on the surface, keep painting quickly and don’t expect much blending.  In fact this one was more like drawing with paint than anything else.

So the shameless pandering?   Well this was painted to be part of World Watercolor Month on facebook.    I’ve noticed that the paintings that get the most attention are :

  – brightly colored

 –  have a lot of contrast

 –  are not too detailed (phone screens are small).

 –  have an immediate impact (no fussiness).

Think I’ve covered all bases there.

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  1. Thanks Nancy. I did an underwash layer for these which I don't usually do but it gives it some depth I think.

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