Kittery Point – Day 5. Howells House.

Last day before we left and something a little different.    This is the house we were staying in –
Howell’s House.

    This was built in 1870 and was the summer home of William Dean Howells who was the editor of the Atlantic Monthly.  It’s a wonderful place.   
But what of the painting?  As I started drawing it became apparent that this was going to be much more complicated than I’d first thought.   I tried pretty hard to get the proportions right and almost succeeded.  If you didn’t have the house in front of you you wouldn’t notice any difference.
It came out ok considering the complexity.  Weak foreground as usual – I keep meaning to go back and put some darker shadows in to focus back on the house. 

The drawing – feeling good.

Starting in on the house.  Not feeling too bad…

2 thoughts on “Kittery Point – Day 5. Howells House.

  1. It is fantastic! Love your lost edges and so impressed you can paint like this plein air! Thanks for great inspiration!

  2. Many thanks Karin. I have to say luck was with me this week. I have painted a *lot* of stinkers outside.

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