Kittery Point Maine – Day 1

We’ve rented a fabulous house for the week in Kittery Maine.   It is right by the sea and has wonderful views of Portsmouth harbor.  I can just step out the back door, set up the easel and paint. It’s wonderful.

Day 1.   This is a view of part of next door’s garden.   I haven’t painted landscapes in a while and summer greens are notoriously hard so this was a leap into the unknown.

To make things harder I started this the day before in the afternoon and finished the next day in the morning.  This meant that all the shadows were reversed which was annoying.   However I struggled on but almost gave up on it as I got towards the end.    Everything was getting muddy and the trees were looking rather stodgy.   Didn’t like it one bit immediately after I’d finished but it’s growing on me.