Venice – Chiesa di Santa Maria della Visitazione

I’ve been neglecting painting recently and when I have got the brushes out it’s been birds, birds, birds.    
So I have a new plan.
After a quick rummage through the photo library over at I now have  a folder full of Venice photos ready to be used.   This way I don’t have to agonize over what to paint.    I’m also painting a lot larger than I have been of late.   This one is on 16×20 which gives me a bit  more elbow room but also means I have to concentrate and plan a bit more.
So – more ambitious,  non-feathered paintings is the course of action.
This one wasn’t a total success but not a total failure either.   The drawing was fun as always and the painting worked in some places and not in others.   Not bad for a first effort in a while.
Oh – and the tower leans in real life.   

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