5 thoughts on “Final Day! Day 30 of 30

  1. Your Spitfire painting is outstanding–not too tight but well detailed! The title caught my eye because I have been watching Foyle's War on Netflix. If you haven't seen it, it takes place during WW11 in England. The son of the main character is a Spitfire pilot….probably more info than you wanted!

  2. Really nice job! And like Connie, we've been re-watching all the Foyle's War episodes on Netflix, so I guess it's timely for us.

  3. Hi Connie! I'm actually well aquainted with Foyle's War. Michael Kitchen is a supremely subtle actor and good in everything he does. I didn't know it was on Netflix – I'll have to take a look.

  4. Thanks Jane. Seems like I've been missing out on the Netflix front – we've just finished The Man in the High Castle so we have a vacancy.

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