Venice – Day 9 of 30 in 30

Day 9 already!!   How did that happen?

Again this was a toughie.   No one can say I’m shying away from the hard stuff this time.  This was a real struggle but I think I managed to simplify enough in the right places to pull it off.

Steps below :

Started in the John Yardley way from farthest away.   Was not very confident at this point.  I didn’t know whether the values were going to hang together  – too light, too dark,  not enough merging.

The final thing.  By the last ten minutes I’d got the hang of the architectural detail in the white basilica.  Everything you read about painting says things like ‘less is more’ ‘it’s what you leave out that’s important’ or ‘indicate, don’t state’.   But boy is it hard to put it into practice.

This was a struggle – but worth it.

Oh – and here’s the reference photo (yes I know I should get out and paint outside).

4 thoughts on “Venice – Day 9 of 30 in 30

  1. Many thanks Jane. The water did come out well but I think I might darken up the left side a little tomorrow (famous last words đŸ™‚

  2. It's great, Michele. Architecture is so hard, especially the Venice-y level of detail, that you've understated so well. You should be proud of this one!

  3. Thanks Bobbi. Of all the Venice ones this month this is turning out to be my favorite. It's strange how some paintings grow on you after a while and others fade away.

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