Eurasian Jay

Trying to get the birds out of the way so I don’t get behind again.   This one I tried a different approach than usual.  Usually I’ll work on an area and pretty much finish it before moving on.  This time I tried to plan ahead (crazy!) and work in layers.    First I identified my lightest lights (the white part of the wing) and the darkest darks (the tail and black parts of the wing). I then tried to identify 3 mid values (near the eye,  the mid part of the body and the edges of the body).  Starting with the lightest non-white area I started to build up the picture in layers.  It kind of worked although I lost some of the lighter, non-white areas.   Pretty happy though.

Iain Stewart DVD – Landscape

As it was my birthday last week I treated myself to some new instruction DVDs.  I’ve sadly exhausted Charles Reid and Joseph Zbukvic but I noticed recently that Iain Stewart had released some new titles on

.   This is the demo in the landscape one.  I wasn’t sure about his teaching style to begin with but he has grown on me.    The thing you need in an instructional DVD is not the mechanics of what is going on e.g. ‘Now I’m going to paint an ultramarine wash’ ‘Now we’re going to paint the leaves’.  What is really useful is the why and how they solve problems.   Iain is very good at this.   Even though each DVD only has one demo he goes through a lot of techniques and I enjoyed painting along.  

Here’s his version (I made some changes to mine).