Christmas Camera

Taking reference photos with my phone is fine but frustrating.   I’m often wanting to zoom in at a higher quality than it allows and I find it difficult to see what I’m shooting in bright sunlight.  But the size and weight is pretty unbeatable.  So what to do?

It turns out that there are a new breed of cameras that are as small as a classic point and shoot but have great lenses and a 30x optical zoom. Yes – 30x optical.  Not digital.   Digital sucks and that is all the iphone has.

So James and I suited up and went out to test.    A brisk trot down to the river through Harvard yard to work up an appetite for the main event.

Here are some example shots.

Pretty good yes?    Here are some more.

All taken from the same spot but with different zoom levels.

It is so much easier to frame up the shot I want without having to resort to cropping the photo and losing huge amounts of detail when I get back to base.  

The final one is a crop of the second shot to see if there’s enough detail retained.   And sure enough there is!   Fantastic – it’s better than I’d hoped for and still the size and weight of an iphone.
Well we decided we deserved coffee and cake after all that.   Good times.

Here he is  – fits in the pocket nicely.  He’s a
panasonic lumix zs50

 and comes highly recommended.

One thought on “Christmas Camera

  1. Great photos. So nice to find a camera that you love. My old Lumix died and I replaced it this fall. Still not used to the new one….

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