The final 30 in 30 collage.

This is it. The challenge is over and all paintings are done.  I shall miss it,  it never got boring and I was never at a loss of what to paint.   To my eyes I learned a lot and improved a lot over the 30 days and, again, many many thanks to Leslie for coordinating us all.

As an aside here is a graph of the number of paintings posted over the 30 days for this challenge for this year and the previous 2 years.    For most people it is a big commitment to produce and post a painting a day and before I signed up I was interested in how many people stayed the course. 

The Final Day – Tiger. Day 30 of 30 in 30

Watercolor Tiger

This is quite an emotional moment.   The final day.   I’ll write a longer piece tomorrow but this month has been fantastic fun and I’ve gained more than I thought possible in many ways.   I thought I’d end where I started with a tiger.   Isn’t she magnificent?

And here’s where I started :

Plane – Day 29 of 30 in 30

Up at 6:30 to paint this one and I’m full of moral fibre now.    I was planning on another boat scene but I was conscious of the time constraint and came across this while browsing through my reference photos.   The time constraint served me well and this was enormous fun to do.  I didn’t plan on leaving the grass half finished but I think it works and echoes the darker wings in the top half of the painting.

Blast from the past 2007

Well this is embarrassing.   I started painting ‘properly’ in early 2012 but, for reasons too complicated to go into, I had a dabble in late 2007.   I came across this today whilst working from home and rummaging around in a cupboard for some scrap paper.

At least you can tell it’s a picture of marmite, onion and a wine bottle.

St Paul’s Cathedral take 2 – day 27 of 30 in 30

I haven’t used hot press paper since I first picked up the brushes back in 2012.   As a beginner the surface was too much to handle and I gave up and stuck with cold press or rough ever since.    Recently though I’ve been tempted to go back and try it again.   As the pigment doesn’t sink into the paper as much the colors are brighter and don’t fade so drastically on drying.   So this is the same scene as yesterday but now on hot press.   I quite like it – it’s still sketchy but has some life to it I think.

St Pauls Cathedral – Day 26 of 30 in 30

I thought I’d stray from the official list again and do another street scene.   This was again ‘inspired’ by one of the demos on Charles Reid’s Watercolor Solutions.   I didn’t refer to it while painting but I have recently watched it so it’s fresh in my mind,.  I’m pretty happy with this – it was a quickie and smaller than usual (9×12) so feels more of a sketch.

Turl Street Oxford – Take 2 and day 24 of 30 in 30

Oh boy – now this is more like it.   The somewhat crude rendition yesterday was actually very useful and helped me understand where to be broad and where not to be.   I cropped in much closer for this one (and I think I could have gone in even more) which helped a lot.    I actually feel as though I’m getting somewhere here.

This is the original photo I worked from.