Tiger – day 4

Done *very* quickly as I’m running late.

Edit:  I actually gridded up the picture before drawing this out.   I tend to make the same drawing mistake with animals that I do with people i.e. making the head too big and the the body too small.   Drawing using a grid put a stop to that but I felt it inhibited my drawing flow somewhat and made things a little stilted.   I think the only real answer is to just get better at drawing.

The painting went pretty quickly.   I like to put the stripes in when the paper is partly wet and partly dry so some bleed and others look sharp.  Gives the whole a more interesting look.  

4 thoughts on “Tiger – day 4

  1. I love all the bleeds, specially with other lines being sharp. I'm still to learn to recognize that right moment of wetness/dryness.

  2. Thanks Zoya. It's still pretty much trial and error for me. Try a stripe – if it works carry on, if not then either wait or add moisture. Always enjoyable though.

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