Eurasian Jay

Trying to get the birds out of the way so I don’t get behind again.   This one I tried a different approach than usual.  Usually I’ll work on an area and pretty much finish it before moving on.  This time I tried to plan ahead (crazy!) and work in layers.    First I identified my lightest lights (the white part of the wing) and the darkest darks (the tail and black parts of the wing). I then tried to identify 3 mid values (near the eye,  the mid part of the body and the edges of the body).  Starting with the lightest non-white area I started to build up the picture in layers.  It kind of worked although I lost some of the lighter, non-white areas.   Pretty happy though.

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  1. Thank you again Zoya. It's a little splashy but hopefully not too much – sometimes the splashes can take over.

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