Of Paints and Waterbrushes

So I had wandered into ArtBeat on Mass Ave with the intention of buying some 0.5 mm leads for my mechanical pencil.    However I seem to have exited with a set of Kuretake paints and a new waterbrush.  I know that John Lovett had played with these before so I knew good results were possible but then I’m no John Lovett.

Some swatches in the moleskine.  The pigments came out nice and rich which bode well.    At the last minute I decided to use the waterbrush to see how that worked with the paint and whether they would make a good traveling kit.   I’ve struggled with waterbrushes in the past as I either get too much or too little pigment on them.  They also tend to leak blobs of water when you least expect it which makes things interesting.   But it was worth a try.

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