Charles Reid Workshop 2015 – Day 2

My day 2 effort.
Day 2 was still life again and we started 9:15 sharp with Charles demoing another flower based still life. 

The setup (the coffee cup isn’t part of it).    All the flowers were white today which I really like and I much prefer this to yesterday’s. 

 I don’t seem to have taken a picture of just the drawing but here it is after the first bout of painting (roughly 40 minutes in).  He started with the shadow of the vase and worked is way up through the dark foliage pieces to the white flowers.  Finally before the break he put in the background which helps to bring out the edges of the white flowers.

My view today – much better than yesterday as I was in the front row.

Second stage (40 minutes of painting, 20 of drawing).   The leaves were put in – again helping to bring out the white flowers and the detail and shadow on the vase.

Almost finished now.  The vase has been finished and most of the foreground.

The final thing.  I think this is absolutely spectacular.  When he’s on his game Mr Reid is second to none.   Judy said this might not be for sale at the end.  She can’t bear to part with some paintings and I think this might be one of them.

Ok now me.  Oh dear.

This was my setup today.  Not as ambitious as Mr Reid’s but that might have been a mistake.  Anyway here we go.

 Drawing.  All fine so far.

Hmm ok.   Well it could be worse I suppose.  I wasn’t really happy with this although Charles patted me on the shoulder and said I was a good painter.   I struggled a lot and it came out a little stodgy.    
Like yesterday Charles said the bottom left hand part of the picture was the weakest (actually he said that at the last workshop too – must be a thing).    He suggested putting the pattern on the bottle (it was facing the other way originally) which I did and I think it’s better.
Not ecstatic but not too disappointed.   Carnations are always hard to paint and I tried to put some detail of the petals in (they usually come out like splodges).    Even though I don’t like the painting as a whole the carnations are the best I’ve managed so far.

Ok – off for a walk now. 

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