3 Years of Painting

So here we have 3 years worth of painting.   I was light on the bloggage last year with only 65 posts compared to over a hundred each for 2012/2013 but I wasn’t taking the painting any less seriously.   If anything I was trying more things and failing more.   I spent at least a month trying on Joseph Zbuvic’s style for size with disastrous results.   This was one of the less awful ones I could bear to post :

(See original post

Another new thing was regular watercolor life classes.  These were originally so frustrating that I almost gave up but I kept on and occasionally something good emerges.  I’d like to say that my people drawing skills have benefitted but I’m not so sure.
For instance this is a recent one (from a bad session)

Whereas this was 6 months earlier and (in my opinion) vastly better :

One thing people go on about is style.  I’ve never really bothered about this and have blithely copied from other people left right and center (Charles Reid and John Lovett especially with a dash of Joseph Zbukvic and John Yardley).    I blatantly copy from people whose work I really love in the hope that I’ll get some understanding of what it is I really love about it.  The theory is that once I know that I can transfer it into my own painting.  In practice it’s not so clear cut and any gain in understanding is buried in the subconscious.   One thing I know is that this

or this

wouldn’t have been possible a year ago.     There’s obviously a lot of Charles Reid influence in there but it’s slowly getting to be something that’s mine.

2 thoughts on “3 Years of Painting

  1. your paintings are absolutely Beautiful, and I Love your style. I see Charles Reid in your style and I wish I could paint like him. You have it? but with an added bonus, your style mixed in. Which is Awesome!!! I hope one day I can paint like that. I need to do what you have done, paint everyday. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Many thanks Mierseawen. I absolutely love painting and even the ones that don't work are worthwhile. I hope you get as much satisfaction from it as I do. Keep at it – all the hard work definitely pays off.

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