Some of the bad stuff – life class


I post almost everything I do.  The odd doodle doesn’t make it and there was a spate of truly awful stuff last summer that never made it in but on the whole there’s no filter.    After a really bad life class I was just going to bin these and forget about it but I thought I’d put them here so they’re on the record.   Actually at the back of my mind I’m intending to use these as examples of how not to do things when I finally get round to teaching.  These will be perfect.

Nothing came together in this session.  Couldn’t draw,  couldn’t paint,   had trouble ‘seeing’ things.  It was very frustrating.

One thought on “Some of the bad stuff – life class

  1. They aren't as bad a you think. I like the one on top a lot. I want to be in your class when you start teaching.

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