Model T Ford

Next on the master list was ‘old car’.  I haven’t been looking forward to this for some reason.   Cars are tricky to draw for me and I took the perverse strategy of deliberatedly making the drawing quirky and the painting sketchy.    I’m also branching out into Fabriano Artistico paper as I’m starting to find Arches too spongy.   Arches has the advantage of staying wet for a long time but the down side to that the colors fade a lot as they dry as they’re soaking into the paper so much.    Considering all the messing around I was doing I’m pretty happy.

2 thoughts on “Model T Ford

  1. I continuously come back here to see your fantastic work. I also like reading your type and I like that you post so often. It's just like spending time with an artist friend only I don't know you.

  2. That's such a nice thing to say Meda. I really appreciate it. The online painting community seems so easygoing on the whole so we should definitely stick together.

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