A Boat in the Sun

We’re in the middle of a snowstorm so I thought I’d warm up by having a sunny scene.

I can see why many painters like to paint boats.  There’s lots of contrast, great colors, strong verticals and horizontals – all of which help in making a good painting.  Enjoyed this very much and am pretty happy with the result.

(11×14 Arches 140lb cold pressed)

2 thoughts on “A Boat in the Sun

  1. Hi Michele, great work here. I was wondering if what kind of paper & brush do you usually use now. Thanks

  2. Thank you very much. The paper is Arches 140lb cold pressed. I've been using a 12×16 block but taping the edges to get a white border which brings them down to around 11×14. It's big enough to get a painting done in around an hour. As for brushes my favorites seem to be Escoda Kolinsky sables. I've tried many synthetics but I always come back to the sables.

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