Digital Baubles – day 25 of 30 in 30

Digital Baubles

Well.   Inspired by

Bobbi Heath

I thought I’d try a digital painting.   This is not as straightforward as it seems but I persevered and  it didn’t come out too badly.    This was done on artrage on a microsoft surface (yes microsoft) with a sensu brush.

6 thoughts on “Digital Baubles – day 25 of 30 in 30

  1. All right! More fun with ArtRage! Very nice, and I like the composition. Can you get enough pixels per side with the Microsoft surface to have something that you can print out at decent resolution? That's the drawback to the iPad version for me.

  2. Hmm resolution. Frankly I don't know. Let me fire up the printer and see. Also can I ask you a question – which brush is your favorite? Your paintings have a much smoother look which I think I prefer.

  3. So it seems fine if you only want a 5×7 which is a bit limiting. The resolution is 2160 x 1440 which I think is pretty much what the ipad is.

  4. I've been using the square brush, mostly at 50% on all the sliders. To tone the canvas and do the drawing, I turn up the thinners to 75%. …. Looking at the app, I think I'm using about 25% loading. After doing some research for a final 30 in 30 post, it's clear I need to try brushes. David Hockney and Peggi Kroll-Roberts are both using that app. I've tried using the Sensu brush, but mostly just use my finger.

  5. Brushes is an OS X only thing yes? I think I've tried them all but only really dabbled and I suspect you need to really use each app a lot to get a good feel for them.

  6. Ha, you and my friend, Bobbi Heath, have this almost figured out, eh? Looking good. -Bruce

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