Turl Street Oxford – Take 2 and day 24 of 30 in 30

Oh boy – now this is more like it.   The somewhat crude rendition yesterday was actually very useful and helped me understand where to be broad and where not to be.   I cropped in much closer for this one (and I think I could have gone in even more) which helped a lot.    I actually feel as though I’m getting somewhere here.

This is the original photo I worked from.

7 thoughts on “Turl Street Oxford – Take 2 and day 24 of 30 in 30

  1. This is just great! Have you heard of the British painter Rob Adams (member of the Wapping Group)? I met Rob a few years ago on a painting trip with that group. Your city scenes remind me of his work. Google "Rob Adams Wapping Group" and you'll find him. He has a most wonderful blog that is very thought provoking as well as including gorgeous paintings of southern England and France.

  2. Thanks Bobbi. I have indeed heard of Rob Adams (treeshark.com no?) and I follow his blog religiously. He and his paintings are great – especially his watercolors. I think he paints a lot on location with amazing results.

  3. When we meet up next week, I'll try to remember to bring a small Rob Adams in acrylic that I bought when he and I were on a Wapping group trip together. It's a scene in Dourarnenez, France, that several of us painted. His and Felicity House's were particularly nice.

  4. The thing that impressed me most about Rob, when I went on the 10 day Wapping trip with him, is just how much he paints, and it was all on location. This is generally true of all of the Wappers, but Rob especially. I'd never been exposed to professional painters of that caliber. Painting from sunrise to sunset. Now that I've done some plein air festivals, and 3+ paintings a day myself, I'm even more impressed with Rob's output.

  5. Interesting. I *really* enjoy plein air painting but find it exhausting so doing more than one in a day let alone more than that is impressive.

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