Flowers – day 12 of 30 paintings in 30 days

Boy oh boy are these getting tough.  Flowers are always hard (and they look so easy!) and this one was no exception.   Now we’re on day 12 these paintings are starting to go in a pattern.   First all is well – the drawing looks good and I start off with the paint feeling fine.   Then EVERYTHING GOES WRONG.   Some bits look over fussy – others look sloppy.  Some edges are too hard, others too soft.  Some bits have too much contrast and others not.  You get the idea.  I was seriously considering throwing in the towel half way through this but then got to a point that I’m also now getting very familiar with.  It’s the ‘what’s the worst that could happen – it’s already ruined’ point.   This is where I throw caution to the wind and just start lobbing paint at the paper to see what comes out.   Usually this doesn’t work but this time I think it came back from the brink.  Specifically I starting adding in many more darks and also the dark leaves behind the flowers.  Just about got away with it.

6 thoughts on “Flowers – day 12 of 30 paintings in 30 days

  1. Well, I am sure happy to see your paintings and you are doing a great job. I am trying to let go and not be so perfectionist with my own art. I am always afraid of ugly results and this makes me advance very slowly. I wonder if I could paint 30 pictures in 30 in days. I really admire your courage.

  2. Thanks Ros. You know I'm not really hard on myself – I'm usually disproportionately pleased with what I do. It's one of (the only?) the reasons I paint. I get incredible enjoyment from it but, as you know, it doesn't mean you're impervious to flaws.

  3. Thanks very much Meda. Not sure there's any courage involved although you're right that being afraid of messing up can be inhibiting. In some ways having to do a painting a day releases you from this. You have to do a painting so you just get on with it and the time pressure actually stops you overthinking things. I recommend it (actually ask me that after the 30 days – who knows what will happen in the next 2 weeks).

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