Quick Sketch – Simon’s Coffee Shop

One of the good things about always carrying a sketchbook about is that you’re never at a loose end for something to do when you’re out and about.    James was booked in for a haircut and so I was installed in a coffee shop with a small cappucino.   Drawing the hoppers and (especially) the stacked cups was a great way to pass the time.

One thought on “Quick Sketch – Simon’s Coffee Shop

  1. Hi Ros! It's actually a 5×8 Stratchmore 400 watercolor sketchbook which my other half bought for me (http://www.dickblick.com/products/strathmore-softcover-400-series-watercolor-art-journal/). Strathmore is one of the cheaper papers I can actually work with with watercolor although I actually prefer the 300 series which is even cheaper. I've tried Moleskines but I just either find the paper too thin or too smooth – can't get on with it at all. I've heard good things about Stillman and Birn but haven't taken the plunge yet.

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