Dorothy Hodgkin

Next on the 30 day list is Dorothy Hodgkin.   This is the one I didn’t feel up to painting yesterday but I’m back raring to go now.   I’ve included the reference photo at the end and you can see that it’s really not a great likeness but I think you’ll agree it’s definitely a real person which is mainly what I’m aiming for right now. 

Great fun to paint – especially the stripes on the blouse which is mainly why I chose this photo of her in the first place.

Starting in in Charles Reid mode.  Warm and strong in the center of the face fading out to cool around the edges and into the hair line.

Further on now – putting the eyes in and making sure not to fill in the irises as little black holes.

Putting in the side planes of the face,  the mouth and the hair which also defines the right side of her face.

 More hair and more definition in the eyes and mouth.   Screwed up the eyes a little as per usual.  Tried to leave the right edge of the hair softer to keep all the definition in the face.   Also started on the stripes in the blouse.

The reference photo.  Her face is longer here and she has rather doleful eyes which I didn’t catch but I’m pretty happy on the whole.

6 thoughts on “Dorothy Hodgkin

  1. Hi Michelle – this portrait is wonderfully done! I love the style – ala Reid – but even more – YOURS. I can appreciate the work that went into it and your daring use of the medium is awesome. She looks so peaceful and calm.

  2. Thank you Pattie! I have to admit I've been doing a lot of studying of Charles Reid recently which (as you noticed) is showing up in the paintings. Not such a bad thing though and I hope to move more into my own style as time progresses.

  3. I still have trouble with blogger : ( …… and stupid predictive text on the tablet.
    I meant to say that your paintings are fab. I love all the lost and found edges and your colour choices are a delight. I love it when you post all the steps.

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