Sketching Course week 6 – bags and roofs

 This sketching course is a blast – although it takes up a surprisingly large amount of time.   We only have two pieces of homework a week but it’s easy to get behind.

This week our first indoor assignment was to sketch our (sketching) bag with minimal pencil setup.   My first attempt (bottom) I failed with the minimal setup and drew it all out first before I realized what had happened.     The second attempt (top) went a little better and putting some color on improved things no end.


Our second task was drawing a roofscape (we weren’t meant to do the building but again I couldn’t help myself).  This caught my eye as we were out for a walk yesterday evening and I came back in the daylight to sketch it. The shapes of the roofs and the way they interlocked with each other caught my eye as well as the contrast between the dark roof and the white walls. Now I look back on it the spire is too stumpy but without the photo you wouldn’t know that.

I started lightly with pencil then went in with the pen. I found the windows hard to draw without them looking awkward – broken lines helped here. I put the color on back in the warm where it wasn’t snowing.

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