Liz Steel’s Sketching Course – Week 3

The final set of homework sketches for Liz Steel’s online sketching course.   We’re now working shadows into the shapes to build up to a full picture.  This isn’t technically part of the homework but something I did at the end in the way I would normally paint.  The exercises definitely helped a lot though.

The real life scene.  We had to pick a white object, a plain object and a patterned object (the apple got in too somehow).

First we did a negative shape sketch with just the background and foreground in color.  Pretty wonky drawing here!

Next we had to just draw the shadows in dark pencil – marked improvement here I think.   

Then we had to put everything together – draw the outline,  fill in the base color and then the shadows.  I wasn’t particularly pleased at the end so put some ink over the drawing to see if it improved matters.  It didn’t. 

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