Sketching Course

Liz Steel’s
Sketching Foundations online course and I’ve been busy keeping up with the assignments.

It’s been great fun so far.  Liz has obviously put lot of work into the material which includes videos, downloadable pdfs as well as blog posts. 

We’re currently on week 3 (abstracting shapes!) having done kit exploration and edges.  Here’s a subset of the action to date:

The first we explored our tools and made pen andwatercolor sketches of everything.  Great fun this!  We were encouraged to work briskly and confidently and if the lines came out wonky (a Liz Steel term!) so be it.  It’s all part of the charm.

This week is all about shapes and the outdoor exercise (we have indoor and outdoor exercises each week) was to sketch the shapes of letter boxes preferably in sunlight so there are strong shadows.   I found very little variability in the letterboxes (one of those new housing developmenets where everything is uniform) and happened upon a fire hydrant which did very well as a substitute.

One of the indoor exercises was to collect together a set of similarly colored objects and paint just the set of interlocking shapes without regard to actual edges.   Having done this I fancied just painting the objects anyway so went ahead and did that.  I was particularly pleased with the lettering.

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