Budget Macaw – the Challenge Continues

Well!  I have to say I’m pretty pleased with the result (see

for part 1).  I can’t say it was a pleasant ride (see all the bristles that were shed on the background) but I think this is not too shabby at all.
So what’s the verdict on the tools?   The paint – really quite good to work with.  Yes the pigment strength is a little on the weak side but I quite enjoyed using them.  They worked well on their own and also mixed well.   4.99 very well spent I think.
The paper was not as bad as I’d feared.  Yes it wasn’t absorbent but  I tried to work quickly and things worked out ok.  Would I move permanently?  No.  But it’s good enough for sketches and rough work.
Now the brushes.  Oh the brushes.  Oh how I hate you.  This was a *nightmare*.  The wretched things wouldn’t take up much water (apart from the times they did and then dribbled it all over the place),  they wouldn’t spring back to an upright position after being used and they shed bristles  EVERYWHERE!   And this is only the first use.   
Do not buy these ever!  
For  $4.85 you can get a
Princeton round synthetic brush (size 10)

that is light years better than any of these and you could do most paintings with just this brush.  Hell – for $12.85 you can get a fancier
Escoda Toray synthetic round (size 10)

Joseph Zbukvic

himself uses and he’s no slouch in the painting department.

Anyway on to the painting.

First the drawing.   As usual pretty happy at this point.   That is apart from the claws – always have trouble with the claws.

The first washes.   I was getting a little worried at this point but soldiered on.

Slightly further along.  Was feeling much happier here.  The darks were looking pretty good and the wing feathers had come out quite well.

Almost there now – the head is good and I managed a reasonable eye even with THOSE WRETCHED BRUSHES!

Tada!  Takes a bow.  The background came out a bit weak but I didn’t care at that point.   All in all I’m pretty pleased.    
For the build up to this painting see the previous post

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