Harvard Square Sketching Meetup

Yesterday I took the plunge and went along to a sketching meetup group in Harvard Square.  Turnout was a little light – 14 people registered but only 4 of us turned up.  It was a little odd to be honest.  Not a lot of chat and we all sat in Starbucks and sketched the people/surroundings for 90 minutes or so.  Then, mostly without saying anything, everybody left.   When I’m the most garrulous person in the room you know you have some serious introversion on your hands.  Having said that I did really enjoy it and will try a few other meetups.  You can feel a little self conscious on your own sitting around drawing people when they’re only 6 feet away from you.    I’ve been perfecting being able to draw without bobbing my head up and down when looking from subject to paper which is a sure fire way of drawing attention to yourself.     Counterintuitively when you’re in a group it doesn’t seem as intimidating to people.

So onto the drawings.  Was in two minds whether to post these.   As I’ve said countless times before drawing people is hard even when they’re well behaved and keeping still for you.  When they’re in a coffee shop and moving around you have very little time to catch things.  Even when people are sitting reading or studying they shift an awful lot so it’s a challenge to say the least.

Even though the quality is (ahem) variable I’m pretty pleased with these.  There are glimpses of proficiency coming through.

Girl with scarf and boy with hoodie waiting for coffee.   Usually I’m tapping my foot impatiently when people are making coffee.  This evening they seemed to be on triple speed.

Man in glasses and two girls talking.

More girls talking.

Waiting for the coffee.  As I mentioned in my airport post it’s a lot easier drawing people from the back than the front as (unlike my mother) they don’t have eyes in the back of their heads.

Making coffee.

From a point of view of getting a likeness these were my most successful of the night.  You have to be quick to grab the essentials of a face and to know what to look for.  How the nose is angled,  are the eyes wide open or narrow, the brows high or low etc.   And then once you’ve grasped the essentials in your head you then have the harder task of making the pencil recreate them.  Not easy.

That’s enough sketching for now – more painting needed I think.

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