People Sketching – Nantasket Retreat

James,  me and several others from RC/Informatics went to the Conte center retreat in Nantasket yesterday.   There were lots of great talks and we had great views of the sea and the sun was shining.  What’s not to like?   As if this wasn’t enough this also gave me an ideal opportunity to do some people sketching.   Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been trying to hone my people sketching skills by drawing people on TV.    This is extremely hard as shots are rarely more than a couple of seconds long and people keep moving about.  You have to be quick and have a good memory.  Needless to say this has resulted in pages upon pages of appalling drawing.
However – once you get into a situation where people are relatively still (say a bunch of people listening to scientific talks) things get a lot easier and somewhat of a luxury.

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