Life Class

This was the first and (sadly) best of the day.  10 minutes each.

We did some washing out of the color afterwards and this created a nice effect on the second.  The paint was too dry on the first to have any effect.


I tried some bolder color next which I didn’t really like the look of although it was fun to do.   The third picture above was an exercise with water soluble crayons with lines following the form.  Not particularly happy with this but, again, fun to do.

First pose of the open studio (15 mins I think)  which I didn’t think much of at the time (the real thing is must less contrasty btw) but it’s growing on me.

Final pose of the open studio (30 mins?).  I screwed up and made the figure too long which is easily done when people are lying down.   Wasn’t enthusiastic about this.
On the whole I’ve come along in leaps and bounds in this term’s 6 week course.   Half way through last term I was thinking about not coming back as I didn’t seem to be getting much out of the sessions.  Then something clicked this term and I was getting proportions right and good color and could see shape and value much more easily.  Let’s hope next term brings further progress.
Note:  I’ve not posted many of the complete and utter failures of last term.    I will do a post on the failures soon and we can all have a good laugh.

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